Global Distribution

Healthcare Supply Chain Disruptor with Direct-to-Customer Model

Having clinical, laboratory, and medical supplies, when and where you need them, is a top priority whether you need them for your clinical trial patients and staff, COVID vaccine recipients and nurses, or hospital patients and medical teams. Making sure that happens is CoSo Health’s commitment – backed by more than 20 years of supply chain and logistics experience.

Tackling Distribution Challenges for Healthcare Customers

The secret to our success is really no secret. We simply go straight to the source for your supplies, partnering directly with manufacturers in Asia. We bypass traditional brokers and distributors and eliminate the potential for healthcare supply shortages, delays, and quality issues with our direct-to-customer supply chain model.

After 20+ years in global logistics, we’ve built an established network of reliable manufacturers and boots-on-the-ground relationships across 6 continents. Proven and trusted, these manufacturers prioritize our customer’s orders to respond quickly to requests and ensure the highest quality down to the smallest detail.

Solving Problems – One at a Time

We’re problem-solvers who work closely with our customers to deliver customized solutions. We do whatever it takes to solve your global logistical challenges, such as:

We stand apart from others in the field because our team manages all the logistics of your healthcare supply chain, from start to finish, giving us a competitive advantage that helps us save time at every step. Other competitors only handle pieces of the supply chain – no one else has a turnkey solution like CoSo Health.

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