CHIP: Our Cloud-based Supply Chain Platform

Real-time Inventory Management: Accurately Forecast & Optimize Utilization

From operations to logistics to procurement, individuals who manage the day-to-day supply chain for hospitals, clinical trials, public health, and schools cannot spare a minute in their high-pressure day. People up and down the supply chain are counting on you to deliver when it counts, even navigate the unexpected, to protect patients, staff and students. Not to worry, CoSo Health delivers turnkey logistics solutions you can rely on, in fact, top brands in healthcare, public health and education already do.

Meet CHIP: Our Real-time Healthcare Logistics Platform

CHIP is an online health logistics platform that powers each step of your logistics – forecasting, sourcing, warehousing, distribution and more. It is an easy-to-use, cloud-based system that makes it simple and fast to procure supplies, track and manage inventory, and accurately forecast from any computer, tablet or smartphone. We’ve made healthcare logistics streamlined and hassle-free with real-time inventory management, flexible order management, automated alerts, accurate forecasting, and more. You’ll have all the tools so you never have to stress about supply chain again.

Supply Chain Management Today Requires Real-time Data

CoSo Health helps you get ahead of supply chain demands with a reliable healthcare logistics model backed by real-time data. The pandemic showed us how important it is to have precise inventory management. Accurately forecasting to identify future bottlenecks and optimize utilization requires a sophisticated inventory system. Today’s healthcare and logistics teams need real-time data so you always have the laboratory, clinical and medical supplies and diagnostic equipment needed for people in your care.

With our proven CHIP platform, CoSo Health provides:

Solving Unique Challenges for Medical Device and Diagnostic Manufacturers

CHIP is also useful for pulling real-time usage metrics for medical devices and diagnostics equipment. You can monitor and track equipment usage and reordering of diagnostic kits and materials. To get the optimal use from these expensive machines, it is helpful to track usage by individual medical practice or department. The CHIP platform can map out which groups use the equipment the most and which rarely use them so this equipment can be prioritized where it is needed the most. Automated alerts can be set up to remind individuals when to reorder supplies and provide manufacturers with better forecasting, modeling, and account engagement data.

Bottom line: With ready access to the complete logistical process all in one place, healthcare logistics has never been easier, faster or this hassle-free.

“CHIP’s real-time inventory management is a game changer”

“Streamlined from start to finish, CoSo Health sourced directly from manufacturers distributing clinical supplies to 300 sites in the US, 4 countries in Latin America and 8 countries in Africa faster than other suppliers. Problem solvers, they found a new route to import supplies into Brazil, reducing costs by 75%. CoSo Health’s web-based CHIP platform allowed sites to place orders directly and us to track supplies real-time from warehouses in each region to trial sites – all on an expedited timeline. Truly an innovative healthcare logistics model and the best partner that we’ve worked with.”
Troy Martin, Chief of Staff, COVID-19 Prevention Network

Need to make data-driven inventory decisions?