Centralized Warehousing

Providing the Cure for Warehousing Headaches

Safely storing, organizing, and tracking medical supplies is a familiar challenge for hospitals, medical offices, clinical trial sites, and now schools, hospitality venues, commercial facilities, and beyond. In fact, many hospital procurement officers, clinical trial managers, medical practice administrators, and facilities managers still rely on outdated methods – from bulky spreadsheets for supply requests to slow approval processes to 90-day old inventory reports – to obtain, verify, and track critical supplies and equipment needed for patients and personnel.

Experts at Healthcare Inventory Management: We Know the Extra Care Needed

Our centralized warehousing is 100% focused on healthcare inventory – storing laboratory and medical supplies, diagnostic equipment and kits, and medical devices. It requires a higher level of handling when caring for life-saving products.

We efficiently manage warehousing and relieve storage challenges for healthcare facilities everywhere. When you need warehousing in another country, our expert knowledge of global warehousing allows us to quickly stand-up a regional warehouse within days. Advantages of centralized warehousing with CoSo Health:

The Perfect Solution: Real-Time Data with Real-Life Expertise

CoSo Health offers an innovative data-driven technology solution that keeps our customers in the know with real-time inventory management:

CoSo Health offers customized inventory management solutions to simplify storage with an all-in-one source. Have a unique warehousing requirement? Need a customized inventory report? Urgently need supplies faster? Whatever the request, large or small, our logistics experts are ready to accommodate 24/7.

“CHIP’s real-time inventory management is a game changer”

“Streamlined from start to finish, CoSo Health sourced directly from manufacturers distributing clinical supplies to 300 sites in the US, 4 countries in Latin America and 8 countries in Africa faster than other suppliers. Problem solvers, they found a new route to import supplies into Brazil, reducing costs by 75%. CoSo Health’s web-based CHIP platform allowed sites to place orders directly and us to track supplies real-time from warehouses in each region to trial sites – all on an expedited timeline. Truly an innovative healthcare logistics model and the best partner that we’ve worked with.”
Troy Martin, Chief of Staff, COVID-19 Prevention Network

Ready for real-time inventory management?