Disrupting Healthcare Logistics for Life-Saving Work

Preventing supply shortages and staying ahead of patient demand depends on having reliable inventory data across the supply chain. The pandemic showed us how important it is for hospitals to have precise inventory management and access to real-time data on utilization rates, supply levels, demand patterns, and more.

Accurately forecasting to quickly identify the next bottleneck is critical for urban and rural hospitals, yet, requires a sophisticated inventory management system. From operations to physicians to procurement, today’s hospital staff needs 24/7 access to real-time inventory management so you always have the laboratory, clinical and medical supplies as well as diagnostic kits and equipment to care for your patients.

Data-driven Healthcare is Here to Stay

CoSo Health helps hospitals, large and small, urban and rural, get ahead of the supply curve with our reliable healthcare logistics model backed by real-time data. Our cloud-based online platform is as easy to use as consumer sites, like Amazon, and delivers powerful data analytics tools at your fingertips 24/7.

With our proven CHIP platform, CoSo Health gives hospitals:

Solving Unique Challenges for Rural Hospitals

Rural and smaller community hospitals are often the epicenter of their town or city. They play a vital role in providing critical care to patients but may find today’s supply chain issues especially challenging from lack of warehousing nearby to slower shipping times to less attention from large suppliers. CoSo Health becomes your all-in-one source to solve the toughest healthcare logistics issues for rural hospitals.

Backed by our CHIP technology, we have simplified healthcare logistics for all of our customers, including rural, urban and large hospital systems. Trusted by top brands in healthcare, our breakthrough model provides you with an all-in-one solution for direct sourcing, global distribution, centralized warehousing and custom redistribution at your fingertips 24/7. Our promise to you is reliable, fast, hassle-free logistics, every time.

Bottom line: CoSo Health’s innovative healthcare logistics model combined with CHIP’s real-time inventory management platform gives you complete control over your supply chain.

Ready to have complete control over your supply chain?