Clinical Trials

Doing the Impossible: Proven Clinical Trial Supplier During Pandemic
The pandemic put a huge strain on traditional supply distributors to quickly source and deliver clinical trial supplies to sites worldwide. CoSo Health reinvented the supply chain model integrating direct sourcing, global distribution, centralized warehousing and customized redistribution all in one source powered by our CHIP platform.

Delivering Customized Solutions for Your Needs

Our full-service model gives you reliable, faster, and hassle-free healthcare logistics. With CoSo Health, clinical trial managers and staff experience:

All the Tools You Need for Real-time Supply Management

Our cloud-based, CHIP platform has streamlined supply management making it far easier and faster for you to manage your clinical supplies:

Proven Results for Clinical Trials During Pandemic

CoSo Health is a trusted partner and preferred clinical supply provider for leading clinical research organizations (CROs) and US government-sponsored clinical trials. During the pandemic, CoSo Health sourced more than 60 million supplies and distributed 25 million laboratory and clinical supplies to support 300+ COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials for the COVID Prevention Network and ICON.

We’ve Got What It Takes to Meet Your Needs

Our complete solution gives you control over clinical supplies from start to finish:
Bottom line: CoSo Health delivers a full-service clinical supply management solution unmatched by industry peers and a proven track record of delivering when it counts.

“Solving clinical supply and logistics issues every time”

“CoSo Health is the obvious choice for clinical supply management and logistics: superior customer service, flexible solutions, and proactive planning to solve any challenge we send their way. When other suppliers couldn’t deliver, they found a way to procure and transport critical ancillary supplies to Mexico in record time. CoSo Health always delivers… even during industry-wide supply shortages.”
Michelle Murphy Clapp, Program Manager, Clinical Trials, ICON

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